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Ukrainian Reed




The company Ukrainian Reed was established in 1994, it is located in the south of Ukraine, close to the city Kherson.

We specialise in growing, harvesting and selection of high-quality water reed as well as to produce goods from it and export it to countries in Europe.
Reed is commonly used as a roofing material. For the reed roofing, we process the reed carefully, sorting it by color, size, and thickness of a stalk.

Our fields spread in the area of more than 1800 hectares. This part of Ukraine is ecologically clean and diverse, making our Ukrainian reed very special.
Our warehouses are spacious and well equipped and it helps us to store our reed in proper conditions, making sure we always deliver the best to our customers.
Please visit our Gallery to see all the process our reed undergoes, including the photos of the products, and successful projects made with our reed.
We are always open to new projects and would love to cooperate with you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.
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